A New Trailer For ‘Wolf’ Starring Lily-Rose Depp & George MacKay Released

A New Trailer For 'Wolf'

“Life isn’t a fairy tale… Is it?” Focus Features has released an official trailer for the film Wolf, which premiered at the end of the 2021 Toronto Film Festival. This is the “high concept” drama starring the very talented actor George MacKay as a boy who believes he is a wolf. Jacob and his animal-bound peers are “forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of ‘curative’ therapies” when they are sent to a clinic, but everything changes when he meets the mysterious Wildcat. watch the trailer below.

Lily-Rose Depp stars as “Wildcat”, with a cast including Paddy Considine, Martin McCann, Terry Notary, Fionn O’Shea, Eileen Walsh, Lola Petticrew, and Senan Jennings. When this premiered at TIFF, they didn’t allow it to be screened for press, for better or worse. I’m definitely curious! MacKay is a tremendously talented actor and maybe he’s doing something incredible taking on this tricky role. I just hope the rest of the film is good.

Jacob (George MacKay) eats, sleeps, and lives like a wolf, much to the surprise of his family, believing he is a wolf trapped in a human body. Jacob and his animal-bound peers are forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of ‘curative’ therapies when they are sent to a clinic. Jacob is faced with a challenge when he meets the mysterious Wildcat (Lily-Rose Depp), and their friendship blossoms into an undeniable infatuation. Will he renounce his true self for love? Wolf is written and directed by Nathalie Biancheri, who previously directed the film Nocturnal and the documentary I Was Here, as well as a few other short films. Jane Doolan and Jessie Fisk produced the film.

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