aespa’s ‘SM Culture Universe’ Episode 2 Dropped

aespa’s ‘SM Culture Universe’ Episode 2 Dropped

Episode 2 of Black Mamba’, ‘SM CULTURE UNIVERSE – aespa‘ has now available to stream. The plot follows, the story of four girls who travel to the metaverse in order to defeat a dark force that has overtaken the world of the æ, the FLAT. See the Aespa’s ‘SM Culture Universe’ Episode 2 below.

In episode 1, a unique world where humans interact with æ-versions of themselves through the process of SYNK. However, the connection between humanity and their æ-counterparts is suddenly cut off by a mysterious entity known as the Black Mamba, causing a phenomenon known as SYNKOUT.

Watch Episode 2 of aespa’s ‘SM Culture Universe’ on Youtube.

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