After UFC 264, Ronda Rousey praised Conor McGregor’s post-fight demeanour

Conor McGregor was shouting at officials just moments after he went down on the canvas following the horrifying injury, making sure it was stated that the bout was called off due to a doctor’s stoppage and not because he clearly couldn’t continue on a shattered leg. McGregor then turned his focus to Poirier, threatening the former interim lightweight champion and his wife, Jolie Poirier, with death threats and insults. As McGregor’s actions garnered him a lot of criticism from Poirier after the bout, Ronda Rousey praised the Irishman for having the foresight to start planning his comeback even while he was laying on the ground with a broken leg.

Ronda Rousey praised Conor McGregor's

While Rousey praised him for his theatrics, other competitors, including UFC president Dana White, were less enthusiastic about the post-fight death threats and name-calling directed towards Poirier’s wife.White, who has traditionally remained hands-off when it comes to monitoring his athletes’ statements in the UFC, said that he wasn’t pleased with McGregor’s targeting of Poirier’s family both before and after their three-fight series on Saturday night.




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