After We Fell: Josephine Langford and Carter Jenkins Character Poster Unveiled

After We Collided

After We Fell, Character posters featuring Josephine Langford and Carter Jenkins have been released. After We Fell is almost here, bringing the next chapter in Tessa and Hardin’s complex relationship to fans.

Josephine Langford and Carter

After We Collided, the couple’s second film, was a box office success but put them in a precarious situation. They’ve broken up, but Hardin still has feelings for Tessa and is attempting to sabotage her new relationship with coworker Trevor.

After We Collided

Tessa and Hardin had momentarily reconciled, but Tessa was involved in a vehicle accident after a huge dispute, which might serve as a wake-up call for Tessa. Will the two men mend fences in After We Fell, or will Tessa go on with Trevor, whom we saw practice asking Tessa out in the credits sequence of After We Collided? watch the trailer below.

Oh, and Tessa’s estranged father has returned to the picture as if her life wasn’t already difficult enough.


After We Fell and After Ever Happy were both shots at the same time, so the fourth picture may not be too far away. Although no release date has been set, we do know that it will be followed by a prequel and a sequel film.

After We Fell will be released on September 30 on Amazon Prime Video.



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