Alaqua Cox & Lauren Ridloff Will Play The MCU’s first 2 deaf superheroes

Alaqua Cox & Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff and Alaqua Cox, the first deaf heroines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pose in a flawless Eternals and Hawkeye crossover. The MCU will make significant progress in improving the diversity of its characters over the next few years. Ridloff and Cox will make their debuts as the franchise’s first two deaf heroes later this year, with Ridloff’s Eternals set to appear first. Makkari, a member of the titular group with superspeed, will be played by the Walking Dead actor. Her talents were originally revealed in the first Eternals teaser, which was released only a few months ago.

Alaqua Cox & Lauren Ridloff

However, Cox will star in the Disney+ series Hawkeye as Maya Lopez. The series, which is set to air in late 2021, will follow Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and Maya, commonly known as Echo, will be introduced as prospective heirs to his legacy. Because an Echo spin-off was announced in March, she’ll undoubtedly be around for a while.

Alaqua Cox & Lauren Ridloff

Ridloff and Cox recently teamed together for a fantastic behind-the-scenes photo promoting their forthcoming MCU debuts. While none of them appear to be dressed up, it’s still thrilling to see them together. Ridloff, who was the one who shared the photo, wrote, “Echo and Makkari staring at you, Fall of 2021.” Fans should prepare themselves.

Alaqua Cox will first appear as Echo in ‘Hawkeye’ before receiving her own solo series. Lauren Ridloff will first appear as Makkari in ‘Eternals’.

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