‘Amazing Spider-Man’ 900th Issue Will Include iconic Sinister Six and Mark Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary

'Amazing Spider-Man' 900th Issue Will Include iconic Sinister Six

Amazing Spider-Man‘ hits its 900th issue this June, also the same month stands as Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary. The issue will be written by Zeb Wells with art by Ed McGuiness. This story will see the introduction of the Sinister Adaptoid, an android with the abilities of all of the Sinister Six. Peter Parker will continue his brutal battle with Tombstone and now must contend with a terrifying take on the iconic Sinister Six!

The SINISTER ADAPTOID are Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, and Sandman. Marvel confirmed that it will be the biggest adventure in Spider-History also you are not gonna believe the ending.

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ED McGuinness’ new cover shows the Sinister Adaptoid, It includes Sandman’s hand, Kraven’s fur, Doctor Octopus’ tentacles, Electro’s electric powers, Vulture’s wings, with elements of Mysterio’s costume seen on its chest and arms. Sinister Adaptoid is an absolute masterpiece of six villains, Spidey got a tough fight with the massive villains.

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'Amazing Spider-Man' 900th Issue Will Include iconic Sinister Six

Editor Nick Lowe promised “Zeb and Ed are trying to do the impossible — top Lee & Ditko’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1! And that’s not the only thing that #900 has — including some shocks that are going to make you say WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!”

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