Amazon Is Nearing The Historic Deal To Buy MGM for $9 billion.

amazon buy mgm

Amazon Hits the top deal offer to MGM. if MGM Accepted it will be a historic deal. The Wall street report says the deal will be signed early next week.

According to sources familiar with the subject, Amazon is approaching an agreement to purchase MGM Holdings, a Hollywood studio founded in the silent era, for about $9 billion, including debt, a deal that would convert a film company created in the silent period into a streaming asset for the e-commerce giant. People close to the issue say a deal may be revealed as soon as this week if the discussions don’t break apart at the last minute.

The acquisition would be Amazon’s second-largest in history, behind its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods in 2017, and it would underscore the price that content commands as streaming conflicts push consolidation and urge larger competitors to beef up with assets that help them compete.

People familiar to both firms stated that conversations between Amazon and MGM had been on-again, off-again since the beginning of the year. According to the sources, Amazon and MGM have been in a private discussion in recent weeks. According to a source close to the subject, the MGM board was updated on the issue on Sunday night. There are no assurances that they will achieve an agreement in the end.

An acquisition of one of the world’s most recognisable entertainment businesses would be the most aggressive move into Hollywood yet by a digital firm.

If MGM and Amazon reach an agreement, it might raise antitrust problems for Amazon, which is currently the subject of various investigations due to its size and influence. Amazon’s business practises have been scrutinised by Congress, the Federal Trade Commission, and the European Union, among others. Amazon held monopolistic influence over its merchants, according to a study released by Congress last year. Amazon responded to the results in a blog post at the time. “Regulators pay attention to all major firms, and we welcome the scrutiny. However, huge corporations are not by definition dominant, and the assumption that success can only be the outcome of anti-competitive action is incorrect.


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