Amber Heard Admits the Removal of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom News Was False

Amber Heard Admits the Removal of Aquaman

Amber Heard opened up about the false rumors that she had been sacked from her role in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. On June 1, Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp won his defamation trial against Heard, and she lost most of her countersuit. The final verdict from the jury shocked Heard. Depp was awarded $15 million in damages, including $5 million in punitive damages, which the judge capped to $350,000, the legal limit in Virginia. In total, he is entitled to $10.35 million. The jury awarded Heard $2 million, with the finding that former Depp attorney Adam Waldman had defamed her.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Speaking to NBC Today journalist Savannah Guthrie, Heard continued to press with allegations of abuse from Depp. When asked if she stands by her testimony, Heard said: ” Of course. To my dying day, I will stand by every word of my testimony.”


Heard claimed Depp had lied in court about never hitting her during their relationship, before adding: “I never had to instigate it, I responded to it. When you’re living in violence and it becomes normal – as I testified to – you have to adapt.

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“As I testified on the stand about this, when your life is at risk not only will you take the blame for things you shouldn’t take the blame for but when you are in an abusive dynamic; psychologically, emotionally and physically, you don’t have the resources that say you or I do with the luxury of saying this is black and white. Because it’s anything but when you are living in it.”


She just believed that the trial was unfair due to the social media support for Depp and believed the jury was “not immune to that”.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on 17 March 2023.


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