American Horror Story: Double Feature Season 10 Trailer Dropped

American Horror Story: Double Feature

The first unsettling teaser for the next season, titled American Horror Story: Double Feature, was published by FX on Friday. Part 1: Red Tide, the first half of the two-part narrative, is the focus of the teaser. It stars Finn Wittrock as a writer who has moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts, with his kid and expectant wife (played by AHS veteran Lily Rabe). watch the trailer below

As Rabe’s character remarks to her husband as they settle into their modest home, the coastal village appears to be “the perfect location to work without distraction.” However, as time passes, the town and its inhabitants grow considerably more evil. Wittrock’s character is seen talking about his work with two locals, Frances Conroy and Evan Peters, who urge him to continue writing.

The video transitions to Wittrock maniacally typing on his laptop as the music takes a sinister turn. He appears to be on a writing spree, but it appears to be at the price of his family, who begin to experience weird and frightening encounters.


In one scene, Rabe’s character walks through the house with a knife in her hand and watches a monster crash through her window. In another, the camera focuses on a violin dripping with blood. Rabe’s character becomes more concerned for her family as the trailer progresses, telling her husband, “We’re not safe here.”

The official trailer arrives just hours after FX announced that it will expand its partnerships with American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy to include spinoffs, a new episode of American Crime Story, and a Season 2 renewal of the show.

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Murphy and Brad Falchuk, as well as Alexis Martin Woodall, John J. Gray, and Manny Coto, executive produce American Horror Story: Double Feature.


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