Amouranth Is Banned From Twitch

Twitch has banned a number of popular female streamers from conducting controversial ASMR streams on the platform. Twitch has banned Amouranth and Indiefox, as well as many other streamers who were doing “ASMR Meta” streams, today. According to the StreamerBans Twitter account, which tracks suspensions involving partnered streamers, Amouranth and Indiefoxx were both banned from the streaming platform today. The platform has not provided a reason or duration for the suspension, as is customary with every Twitch ban.

Amouranth Is Banned

While Amouranth did not elaborate, she did use the opportunity to promote her OnlyFans account on Twitter. Indiefoxx tagged Amouranth in another tweet referencing their bans, saying they both had “the weekend off.”Twitch has always been known for its trends, whether it was Fall Guys, Among Us, VALORANT, just chatting, or Hot-tub meta. In previous months, the Hot-tub meta trended on the platform, which was a contentious meta. Many famous and popular streamers asked Twitch to ban the meta, and Twitch responded by creating a new category for hot-tub meta streamers and viewers.



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