Angela Bassett Joined The Cast of Netflix’s Fantasy ‘Damsel’ Starring Millie Bobby Brown

Angela Bassett Joined The Cast of Netflix’s Fantasy 'Damsel'

Angela Bassett is onboard Netflix’s fantasy film Damsel, starring Millie Bobby Brown. directed by nominated filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. The film follows a princess, who is shocked to discover that she’ll be sacrificed to the kingdom’s sacred cave dragon, after being married to her prince charming. She must survive long enough until someone comes to save her – only no one is coming. Bassett will play Lady Bayford in Damsel, the stepmother to Brown’s Elodie. The script wrote by Dan Mazeau.

Read Netflix’s Damsel synopsis below.

It’s a taut contained thriller about a Princess that thinks she is marrying a prince only to be thrown into a pit where she is being sacrificed to a dragon.

Brown plays Elodie, who’s anxiously awaiting her wedding to Prince Henry and feeling pressure from her Father, who needs the money her marriage will bring, to be a good, obedient wife. After marrying Henry, Elodie realizes she’s been tricked into becoming a sacrificial offering for a cruel dragon who intends to eat her. Elodie must fight her way out of the dragon’s lair and eventually saves herself by slaying the Dragon.

Bassett is busy with Marvel’s Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. her last appearance was in Gunpowder Milkshake.

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Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ Release Date?

The streamers have not yet revealed the release date for Damsel. the film is expected to release in early 2023 and production to start in July.


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