Annette: Starring Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard New Trailer Released


Annette, the new Leos Carax film that will start the 2021 Cannes Film Festival on opening night in only a few weeks, has received an official US teaser from Amazon Studios. This film was part of the festival’s lineup last year before it was canceled, and it has been postponed till this year. “A wonderful, gorgeous musical set in Hollywood,” according to Annette’s assessment. Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard play renowned lovers who have a kid named Annette, who attracts a lot of attention and becomes famous very immediately. Simon Helberg also appears as “The Conductor.”


This new trailer is fairly identical to the previous French trailer, with the exception of a few more images. This appears to be an epic Sparks musical (they authored both the screenplay and the music) about renowned artists and how their lives change once they have a child. Or at least that’s how all of these trailers portray it.


Annette is directed by Leos Carax, who has previously directed features such as Boy Meets Girl, Bad Blood, The Lovers on the Bridge, Pola X, and Holy Motors, as well as shorts and music videos. Ron Mael and Russell Mael, commonly known as the Sparks Brothers, wrote the script (and music) based on Carax’s original idea. Charles Gillibert, Paul-Dominique Win, Vacharasinthu, and Adam Driver produced the film. This summer, it will be the opening night picture at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, and it will be released in French theatres on the same day (July 6th). Starting August 20th, Amazon Studios will release the film in select US cinemas before releasing it on Prime Video.

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