Anya Taylor-Joy Showing Off For The Sunday Times Style Magazine

Anya Taylor-Joy photographed by Carin Backoff for The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Anya Taylor-Joy photographed by Carin Backoff for The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

It’s a bright, crisp November morning in the Hollywood Hills and Anya Taylor-Joy is sitting poolside scrolling through her phone for pictures of her and her best friend, Ivy Getty (the great-granddaughter of the oil tycoon J Paul Getty), in fancy dress. They have just spent the weekend at a music festival in San Francisco, where the British-Argentinian actress impressively transformed into Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2004 one day and the equal niche Mojo Jojo from 1990s superhero cartoon The Powerpuff Girls the next.

In addition to starring in the thrilling Last Night in Soho, Taylor-Joy will be lending her voice to Princess Peach in the animated Super Mario Bros, film. The 25-year-old superstar said she can officially call herself “a gamer” after everything she’s learned about video games in preparation for the highly-anticipated project.

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“Oh, it’s so much fun. We have such a good time,” she said of the film. “The team behind it is incredible. I’ve learned so much about the gaming community and can now call myself a gamer. And I’m down for that.”

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Anya said, “When I say that I showed up and Ivy [who was celebrating her impending nuptials to the photographer Toby Engel] undressed me, put me in clothes I had never seen before and then kicked me out the door, I’m being very serious,”

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