Apple TV+ʼs ‘PHYSICAL’ First Trailer Is Out Now starring Rose Byrne Will premiere on June 18.

Apple TV+ʼs 'PHYSICAL' First Trailer

A trailer for Apple TV+ʼs ‘PHYSICAL’ starring Rose Byrne has been released. Set to premiere on June 18.

Apple TV+ Upcoming Episodes “Physical,” the upcoming Rose Byrne-led comedy/drama on the streaming service. On Thursday, Apple released the teaser for the 10-episode series.


According to Apple, “Physical,” a half-hour dark comedy set in the picturesque but fragile beach paradise of sunny 1980s San Diego, follows Sheila Rubin (Byrne), a quietly troubled, seemingly obedient housewife backing her clever but controversial husband’s run for state assembly. Sheila, on the other hand, has her own darkly humorous viewpoint on life that she seldom lets the public see. She’s also facing a tangle of inner problems around her self-esteem.


Sheila’s true path to empowerment begins when she discovers a way to combine her newfound passion with the rising technology of VHS to launch a groundbreaking enterprise. Sheila develops into someone we take for granted today (but was very innovative at the time) — the female lifestyle expert — as the series follows her amazing journey from a constrained, unrecognized facilitator to a powerful, confident economic force.

On Friday, June 18, the first three episodes of “Physical” will launch on Apple TV+. Every Friday after that, new episodes will be released.




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