Atlanta Season 4 Trailer and Premiere Date Announced on FX

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ season 3 Premiere Date Announced

The final season of ‘Atlanta’ will premiere in September on FX. Season 4 of Atlanta fourth and final season. The show was renewed for its final season in August 2019 prior to the release of the third season. with a new teaser trailer, FX announced that Atlanta will conclude in September. watch the trailer below.

The series stars Donald Glover as Earnest “Earn” Marks, Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, Lakeith Stanfield as Darius, and Zazie Beetz as Vanessa. Atlanta was created by Donald Glover. The series centers on college dropout and music manager Earnest “Earn” Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate a strange, seemingly otherworldly version of the Atlanta rap scene, examining racism, whiteness, existentialism and modern African-American culture through Afro-Surrealism.

Stars Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz said they knew going into Season 4, that this was it. “I was a little emotional,” Beetz said, “but I agree with Donald that we’re ending on what feels like a peak and not letting it peter out. I think the best thing is knowing when to end it, and knowing when to move on with things. We are all doing other things. But we did all joke and talk about, wouldn’t it be funny if 15 years, when we have grandchildren, to come back. But I’m glad I knew it was ending because then I could really lean into the relationships, knowing this was my last chance to play Van. Van changed my life and I loved her.”

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Henry added that “Atlanta” had “played such a huge role in all our lives, being able to play these characters changed our lives in such dramatic and drastic and beautiful ways. We’re all eager to figure out what becomes of the gang, what happens to us. I was wondering, what happens to older rappers? What is Albert at 55? Is he still going to be doing the same thing? But that’s the great part of coming to an end. For us, it just naturally felt like it was time. ‘Atlanta’ feels like an institution. You go to high school for four years, you go to college for four years, this was our own graduation of going somewhere bigger. I am so deeply connected to these people. That was the greatest gift of doing this show. If we decide to come back together when we’re 65, with arthritis medication and our walkers, we probably will because we’re all connected for the rest of our lives.”

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Atlanta Season 4 Release Date?

The final season of ‘Atlanta’ will premiere in September on FX.

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