Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 Trailer Out Now

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 – Warner Bros Animation has released the trailer for the second half

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2, Part 1 will be released next month, based on the comic book by Jeph Loeb and illustrator Tim Sale. Warner Bros. Animation, on the other hand, isn’t wasting any time in promoting the ending. The first trailer for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 has been out, and it can be found on IGN.


Batman: The Long Halloween – Poison Ivy/ Mad Hatter & Scarecrow/ Calendar Man


The Long Halloween takes place early in Batman’s career, without giving too much away from Part 1. The crime families of Gotham City, especially the Falcones, have a stranglehold on the city. However, Batman’s partnership with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent begins to shift the tide. The appearance of Gotham’s costumed criminals, though, throws everything into disarray. There’s also a serial murderer who only kills on weekends and holidays.‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ – Part 2 Get R-Rating For Violence The identity of “Holiday” is a mystery that even the Dark Knight cannot solve. Batman: The Long Halloween Part two see the photos below

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 will hit digital and Blu-ray on June 22. The Long Halloween, Part 2 will be released later this year.




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