Batman vs Superman Is Not A Mess, A Masterpiece Of Zack Snyder


 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder was released on March 25, 2016, in theaters, whereas its extended cut was released on July 16, 2016, named Ultimate Edition which has a major deleted scene that was R-Rated because of language and violence. Once somebody watches BvS UE, they would never back to the theatrical cut. All deleted scenes were totally related, which made this movie The most logical superhero movie ever.


I’ll talk about all those deleted scenes and why are they related.


1. Anatoli Knyazev done something in desert to make superman look dangerous in people.

superman vs batman

Anatoli Knyazev was a Russian weapon and human trafficker and work for Lex Luther. He first looks like a well-trained official who was guarding General Amajagh then he and his man killed the general’s men when the general captured Lois Lane (who came for an interview of the general) after the photographer got caught with tracker where Anatoli telling “CIA” so General thought Lois Lane also works for CIA. He kept her inside and Anatoli betrayed the general. In deleted scene Anatoli was burning people, not in watch of  Lois Lane then superman himself came to save Lois, his girlfriend. (Another deleted scene) that place was about to destroy with a missile by real officials who were not working because Anatoli makes it look like a terrorist attack and superman by hitting a missile on himself. People burnt by Anatoli, A woman named Kahina claimed that people were burnt by superman and the government who were scripted and threatened as witnesses.

2. Victor stone’s Gotham wildcats same match?


According to both team’s dresses was the same as the match shown in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2016) which is obviously related. It’s a match of Victor Stone watching by two police officers of Gotham city. In ZSJL there was an accident between Victor and his mother which caused his mother’s death and Victor was in critical condition.


3. Clark Kent AKA Superman went to Kahina Ziri’s house for interview

superman vs batman

This whole scene was deleted where Clark Kent saw a TV interview of Kahina Ziri and went to know what happened reporter of Daily Planet Newspaper. She was not there when he arrived but he got something misguided him, an misunderstanding.

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He found people scared of something they should not, The Bat vigilante. In this movie, we saw strange that batman kills criminals and beat brutal which most people don’t like. Actually, this movie’s climax makes him regret and he makes no-kill principles.

4. Victim’s Death another misguide.

Earlier in the movie, we saw in both cuts that batman investigating a criminal about White Portuguese and left and bat brand on the chest.

superman vs batman

This was the only scene of that criminal named Cesar Santos in the theatrical cut but in the ultimate edition, there was more. In deleted movie shows that Cesar was killed who actually was a man of Lex Luthor and Clark was doubting Batman.

5. Why Batman want Superman down once and for all. 

In very early of the movie we saw Superman vs Zod fight effects on the city actually it almost destroyed the whole city, was it just Superman, he wasn’t even there where 60%+ destruction was already done. But Bruce didn’t know the whole thing, he just knew that destruction is happening in superman’s fight.

6. Batman was never totally wrong about superman

There was Knightmare when he slept after putting Lex drive decrypt, he was in a timeline of literally an apocalypse/end where humankind was conquered. It was like enemies were commanded by Superman himself where batman was finding Kryptonite. Then Flash appear like he was using Speedforce to warn batman. Before Snyder told Justice League 2 will be in Knightmare’s timeline it was just a dream-like premonition, but it was more than just a dream.
Then he tells his plan that he will steal kryptonite from Lex Luthor where he said “What’s next million?” Zack Snyder was pointing that million to JL2.

7. Clark went to interview police for case of Cesar Santos

He could not find anything via police but then talked to Mrs. Santos. This whole scene was deleted in the theatrical cut.

He talked to her about Cesar where she is saying “They know the mark all over. Guards don’t care. Bat’s the judge. One man decides who lives. How is that justice?”This whole conversation leads Superman to direct to Batman where he is chasing Employees of LexCorp

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This makes him more angry on superman.

8. One Blast made Batman Curious to kill superman

There was a blast which was caused by the chair of the witness of that case who worked in Wayne Enterprises

Then Bruce Wayne got all money he sent to that ex-employee was returned

Which was actually returned by Lex Luthor.

9. Jenet Klyburn didn’t appeared in theatrical cut even for a second

After that scene the scene where Lois is investigating that witness’s house, she found that he recently bought groceries, which means he didn’t know he was about to die. Then how Superman couldn’t hear the bomb is there. Jenet told Lois, That was covered with the lead he couldn’t hear that, he could not stop that.

10. “Save Martha” Controversy 

People still don’t like and still trolls about Save Martha. Superman’s story is a favorite story of Zack Snyder. father-son, parental, and emotions. Superman realized before Batman and Superman Finally fight, that Lex Luthor want them to fight and one of them or both of them dead. Lex knew Superman is powerful enough to kill batman and Batman got kryptonite + perfect prep time. Both Bruce and Clark’s mother’s name is the same, Martha. Lex Luthor captured Martha Kent to force superman to kill batman. When Superman said “Save Martha” Bruce’s emotions overcome Batman’s aim and he stopped when Lois stop and tell it’s his mother’s name. It was an emotional scene and people need to understand the point of view and need to stop troll it.

11. Batman Kills

Many people have problems and really strange that batman is killing quite a large number in one movie. There is no doubt any more in most viewers that Ben Affleck is the best batman in the live-action world. As everyone knows Zack Snyder’s vision is always unique and different. And Warehouse Scene of this movie was one of the greatest fighting scenes of the comic-based movie.

This movie might be a reason where Batman regretting his mistakes and then he makes No Kill Principles. Whatever happens to him in past made him cruel and showing no mercy. Everything made him like criminals do not deserve mercy.“Criminals are like weeds, Alfred. Pull up one, another grows in its place.”Men fall from the sky, the gods hurl thunderbolts, innocents die. That’s how it starts, sir. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.”Dick Grayson’s death might be another reason for his cruelty.

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Zack Snyder confirmed that the dead Robin in DCEU is Dick Grayson who was killed by Joker, not Jason Todd.

But Superman’s death in Doomsday fight made upset and regret about his cruel because somewhere he was considering himself for his death.“Men are still good. We fight. We kill. We betray one another. But we can rebuild. We can do better. We will. We have.”
This movie was the most logical superhero and most underrated masterpiece movie ever. This movie and Zack deserve respect after all the 3 DCEU movies he made.

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