Baz Luhrmann Had Plans For Releasing an Episodic Version of ‘Australia’ on Hulu

Baz Luhrmann Had Plans For Releasing an Episodic Version of ‘Australia’ on Hulu

Baz Luhrmann planned on releasing an episodic version of ‘Australia’ on Hulu. The film was released in 2008, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. The film is a character story, set between 1939 and 1942 against a dramatized backdrop of events across northern Australia at the time, such as the bombing of Darwin during World War II.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Luhrmann has surprisingly revealed that he is re-editing Australia – without shooting any new scenes – into a six-part television series called Faraway Downs that will stream on Hulu in the US and Disney + in Australia later this year.

Luhrmann describes Australia as a “difficult and paradoxical” experience. he added “For various reasons that aren’t worth going into, I never got to finish it ultimately the way I wanted to,” he says while finishing Elvis on the Gold Coast. “It happens to still be my biggest film in Europe so it actually did really well despite the perception.”

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“I managed to do what I set out to do,” Luhrmann says. “People go ‘well it’s long anyway’ but actually the reason it felt long was a lot of crucial plot material wasn’t in it. And being able to work with a lot of young Indigenous artists, doing the graphics and the music, was really fulfilling.”

Australia received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $211 million worldwide.

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