Black Widow: Post Credit Spoilers Yelena Will Hunt Hawkeye

Black Widow: Post Credit Spoilers

Spoiler Alert!! In the ending scene of Black Widow Yelena Belova knowing Natasha’s ultimate fate and that Yelena will show up in Hawkeye. Yelena will return in Hawkeye Series

Natasha finds Yelena and Natasha confesses she did think the family felt real and that she thinks of Yelena as a sister. Alexei and Melina, injured, walk over to them. Ross and his goons start driving toward them. Yelena gives Natasha her best as the freed Widows land in a plane. Yelena, Alexei, and Melina go with them. They also take Taskmaster. They leave and the goons come for Natasha.


Black Widow: Post Credit Spoilers

It cuts away and it’s 2 weeks later. Nat has her Infinity War hair and outfit. The vest is Yelena’s. Rick shows her a plane, the one Team Cap has in Avengers: Infinity War. She says she plans to break Team Cap out of prison.

The Post Credit Scene: Yelena has a dog and visits Nat’s grave she puts a stuffed bear down and cries. Val from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is there too. Yelena asks for a raise and Val says her next target is Hawkeye, she will tell Yelena that Hawkeye was the person who is responsible for Natasha’s Death. Yelena will return her cast in the Upcoming Disney+ Series Hawkeye.

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