Black Widow: Taskmaster Takes On Natasha And Family

Black Widow: Taskmaster Takes

Scarlett Johansson first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man 2 in 2010, and the world will learn about Natasha Romanoff’s story outside of The Avengers in 2021. Black Widow, a Marvel Studios film, will be released in cinemas and on Disney + through Premier Access on July 9th. In addition, on July 8, the film will get a sneak peek in select cinemas. Check out the new snippet below.

When a perilous plot linked to Natasha Romanoff’s history surfaces in BLACK WIDOW, she is forced to confront the darkest elements of her life. Natasha must confront her past as a spy and the shattered relationships she left behind long before she became an Avenger, as she is pursued by a force that would stop at nothing to destroy her.

Black Widow: Taskmaster Takes

Taskmaster (Black Widow Villain) Powers: Artificially, Enhanced Physiology, Photographic Reflexes, Limited Superhuman Speed, Physical Movement Prediction, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Agility

Ability: Master Tactician, Advanced Pedagogy, Weapon Mastery, Master Marksman, Master Assassin

The events of Captain America: civil war are immediately followed by the events of BLACK WIDOW. Natasha was always part of a “greater whole” as an agent, Johansson said during a brief press conference, whether it was from the Red Room, SHIELD, or The Avengers. He had always been a member of a transitory unit or family, but suddenly “everything was shattered after the CIVIL WAR.” Nothing is left. And she is alone for the first time in her life.”

Black widow will hit the screen from July 9.

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