Box-Office: Venom: Let There Be Carnage Grabbed A $37.2M Opening Day Globally

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Grabbed A $37.2M

Venom: Let There Be Carnage grabbed a $37.2M opening day. To put that figure into context, Sony originally projected $40M for the weekend. The studio is now estimating a $71M opening.

On Friday, Venom 2 collected $37.25 million. This includes $11.6 million in Thursday previews, vs $8 million in previews and a $32.5 million opening day for Venom on the same weekend last year. Yes, despite clear pandemic-specific variables and worries, Venom 2 outperformed its predecessor’s unadjusted opening day. As a result, we could envisage a situation in which the film surpasses its predecessor’s $80 million opening weekend (which was a record for October at the time).

On Thursday, the sequel helmed by Andy Serkis made 31.1 percent of its Friday total, compared to 24.6 percent for the first Venom. That does suggest a more aggressive opening weekend, which would have been the case even if Covid hadn’t been involved. With the same multiplier as Venom, the sequel would open to $91 million on Friday and Saturday. Venom 2 would have an $83 million Friday-Sun launch, surpassing even Black Widow ($80.3 million) with a multiplier comparable to Deadpool 2 ($125.5 million from a $53 million Friday). Even a Black Widow-style frontloading (unlikely given Venom 2’s “only in cinemas” status) would give it a fantastic $77 million start.

That puts it just ahead of F9 ($70 million) and Shang-Chi ($75 million in a $95 million Labor Day weekend release). Given the positive reviews (58 percent and 5.5/10 vs. 30 percent and 4.6/10 for Venom) and the “delivers what you liked about the last movie” hype, I expect a Black Widow-like opening rather than an F9-like one. In any case, we’re talking about a $110 million follow-up to a $90 million budgeted predecessor, so the stakes aren’t very high. Even Sony’s obviously low-ball projection of $71 million for the Fri-Sun frame (a pathetic 1.9x multiplier) would be a significant success. Source Forbes.

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