Brad Pitt Starring Formula One Racing Film Rights Acquired by Apple

Brad Pitt Starring Formula One Racing Film Rights Acquired by Apple

Apple has acquired the rights for an untitled Formula One racing film starring Brad Pitt and Top Gun: Maverick filmmaker Joseph Kosinski will be directing the film. A requirement of the deal is for the film to be released wide in theaters for at least 30 days until it can release on Apple TV+.

Kosinski will reunite with the Maverick team, including writer Ehren Kruger and producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman of Jerry Bruckheimer Films. The team is getting ready for another racing project, joined by Sir Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time F1 world champion, who will produce along with Pitt’s Plan B banner.

F1 is a growing and sexy sport that embodies a certain kind of enviable lifestyle. also the theatrical experience to a place most have never been to before: inside a single-seat racer. Just as Maverick and Kosinski are generating kudos for real-world practical effects that put audiences in the cockpit of an F-14, the goal is to put the viewer behind the wheel of what is basically a rocket ship on a track.

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Brad Pitt Starring Formula One Racing Film Rights Acquired by Apple

According to THR, insiders say the theatrical component is structured in a way that would see Apple and the filmmakers split the take from the big-screen release 50-50. The unique deal will pay the creative team three ways: their upfront fees, their hefty buyout fees, and the theatrical backend. Sources say Kosinski, who will also produce, and Bruckheimer will see paydays well into the eight figures, with Pitt and his company hitting $40 million to $50 million.

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