Brett Goldstein Made a Guest Appearance on ‘Sesame Street’

Brett Goldstein Made a Guest Appearance on ‘Sesame Street’Brett Goldstein Made a Guest Appearance on ‘Sesame Street’

Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein made a guest appearance on ‘Sesame Street’ and discuss one of his favorite F-words. Goldstein and Tamir are baking cookies when Tamir announces that it’s time for the word of the day, which begins with the letter F. “Oooh, I love the letter F,” says Goldstein, who makes very good use of that letter as Lasso’s potty-mouthed Roy Kent.

“Fairness is when each of us gets what we need,” Goldstein adds before Cookie Monster arrives to join in the discussion, offer to wash up, and volunteer as soccer captain.

Back in February, Goldstein shared a post on his Instagram regarding his Sesame Street experience:

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Brett, how would you show the best day of your life using only photos…

I finally found my way to Sesame Street (all you have to do is ask, through the medium of song) and it was more wonderful than I could have imagined. Everyone was so funny and brilliant and friendly and kind. I managed to get to say hi to all the residents except Snuffleupagus who was sleeping (although I saw him sleeping and he snores less than you’d think.)

Truly a beautiful cast and crew that fill that whole street with all the love you could wish for. Special thanks to Elmo and Grover and Big Bird and Oscar and Cookie Monster, sorry if I scared you. Extra special thanks to @karynl5, @sherrierwestin, Stephen M Youngwood, and Zack Van Amburg for making this dream come true. It was perfect.

Brett Goldstein’s full episode will run during Sesame Street‘s upcoming 53rd season on HBO Max.

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