Bridget Regan Will Be Cast As Poison Ivy In The CW’s Batwoman Season 3

Bridget Regan Batwoman Season 3

Pamela Isley will be joining The CW’s Arrowverse. Bridget Regan has joined the cast of Batwoman’s third season as Poison Ivy.

Bridget Regan Batwoman Season 3

Batman’s longstanding nemesis will be reimagined as a former botany student at Gotham University who went on to become “a passionate, bright scientist with a mind for transforming the world for the better,” according to the series. However, after a coworker (Jason Woodrue in the comics) injected her with different plant poisons, she gained botany-based powers, including the ability to manipulate plant life and emit pheromones that made others do her bidding.

Bridget Regan will be the 5th actress to play Poison Ivy in live-action. The part was created by Uma Thurman in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. Claire Foley portrayed a younger version of the character on Gotham years later. She did not, however, stay with the show through the third season premiere. In seasons 3 and 4, Maggie Geha took over as Ivy, and she was later replaced by Peyton List.

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Batwoman season 3 will start streaming on October 13 on The CW.


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