Britney Spears: Sam Asghari Shows Supports FreeBritney Movement

When it comes to his celebrity girlfriend’s legal struggle, Sam Asghari has made it plain where he stands.


Britney Spears‘ longtime boyfriend came to social media with a photo before of a highly anticipated hearing on Wednesday, June 23, but it was what he was wearing that caught viewers’ attention. The actor looked to be wearing a shirt that said “Free Britney” across the breast, a clear allusion to the #FreeBritney movement that has gained traction in the wake of the singer’s long-running conservatorship.


If there was any doubt about who Sam was talking about, he included a lion emoji. Britney has been referred to as his “lioness” in the past.

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The timing of his tweet is no accident, given that the pop diva is scheduled to face the court personally on Wednesday afternoon regarding the status of her conservatorship. It will be a watershed point in the conservatorship’s history, as the episode “Framing Britney Spears” of The New York Times Presents docu-series, which debuted in February, garnered increased attention.

Britney Spears: Sam Asghari Shows Supports When it comes to his celebrity girlfriend's legal struggle, Sam Asghari has made it plain where he stands.

This isn’t the first time Sam has made his feelings known to the general public. Following the premiere of the show, he came out about the performer’s father, Jamie Spears, and did so bluntly.


On his Instagram Story, he said, “Now it’s essential for people to realize that I have zero regards for someone trying to control our relationship and always put barriers in our way.” “Jamie, in my opinion, is a complete jerk. I won’t go into depth because I’ve always respected our privacy, but I didn’t come to this nation to be denied the right to express myself and my freedom.”

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“I adore my daughter and I miss her very badly,” Jamie told CNN a few months ago. When a family member need particular attention and protection, families must stand up, as I have for the past 12 years, to preserve, defend, and unconditionally adore Britney. I have and will continue to show unflinching love and ferocious defence to her and my family from those with self-serving interests and those who wish to harm them.”

Meanwhile, Britney has voiced her opposition to Jamie serving as her conservator, and her legal team has asked the court to appoint Jodi Montgomery as Britney’s permanent conservator.



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