Brock Lesnar is expected to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns in his WWE comeback match.

Brock Lesnar has been out of the WWE since Wrestlemania 36, but he is expected to return to the arena shortly. According to multiple sources, Lesnar is on his way back to WWE and will most likely return once the audience returns. Lesnar’s name was also mentioned on the broadcast by WWE superstars, hinting towards his return. Lesnar’s ‘natural angle will be against Roman Reigns,’ according to a report. While there are a lot of superstars who can compete against him, Since his return, Reigns has had Paul Heyman as his special counsel.’ For the bulk of Lesnar’s WWE career, Heyman served as his manager.

“A storyline involving Heyman and hence Reigns is the natural angle right now for a Lesnar comeback,” Meltzer remarked on Wrestling Observer Radio. Soon after his WWE comeback, Heyman joined Reigns. He speaks on behalf of Reigns, although the Universal Champion also speaks once a week. When Heyman was affiliated with Lesnar, it wasn’t the case since the previous champion didn’t say much. Reigns and Lesar are no strangers to each other, having faced off in the main event of two Wrestlemanias. On the first occasion, Seth Rolins won the WWE Championship by cashing in his Money in the Bank. Lesnar defeated Reigns for the second time in a shocking victory.


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