‘Butter,’ BTS’s second English single, will be released in May.

With the digital single “Butter,” global superstars BTS have announced a May comeback. The Grammy-nominated band shocked fans earlier this evening by releasing a Livestream countdown to the news. Over 800,000 fans watched the surprise video, which lasted just over an hour, and followed the journey of a tiny animated cube of butter bearing the BTS logo as it melted into the form of a heart. A busy kitchen was featured in the bright yellow video and a timer counting down to the announcement.


BTS announced a new compilation album, BTS, the Best, for a June release earlier this year, and released the first single, “Film Out,” on April 1st. The group’s mega-hit digital single “Dynamite” from 2020 and their record-breaking November 2020 EP BE will be followed by “Butter.”


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