Catherine, Called Birdy Trailer Starring Bella Ramsey as a Teenage Girl in Medieval

Catherine Called Birdy Trailer

Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer for Catherine, Called Birdy starring Bella Ramsey, Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, Joe Alwyn, Dean-Charles Chapman, and Archie Renaux. Lena Dunham directing the film. Watch the trailer below.

Catherine, Called Plot

The film is based on Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman. Catherine, Called Birdy follows, the adventures of a teenage girl (Bella Ramsey) in Medieval England as she navigates through life and tries to avoid the arranged marriages her father maps out for her.

Speaking to EW, Bella Ramsey told she instantly connected to Birdy’s rebellious personality. “She’s not much of a rule follower,” she explains. “She’s bold and she doesn’t quite fit the mold. She’s not particularly normal, especially not for her time. I’ve always been a bit weird and Birdy was a bit weird too — and in a way that was so joyful and celebrated.”


“In the book when you read him, he’s this brute,” she says. “It felt like it would be really interesting to have like a more genteel version. And also, to remember that while Birdy sees her parents as these controlling elders, in the reality of the Middle Ages, they would be really young. So, what would it look like for them to actually just be young, cool, attractive people? The text group that I had with Billie and Andrew was called rock & roll parents.”

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The film stars Bella Ramsey as Lady Catherine / “Birdy”, Andrew Scott as Lord Rollo, Catherine’s father, Billie Piper as Lady Aislinn, Catherine’s mother, Joe Alwyn as George, Catherine’s uncle, Dean-Charles Chapman as Robert, Catherine’s older brother, Ralph Ineson as Golden Tiger, Isis Hainsworth, Lena Dunham, and Archie Renaux.

Catherine, Called Birdy will premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022. On Prime Video, the film starts streaming on October 7, 2022.

Check out the ‘Catherine, Called Birdy‘ poster below.

Catherine Called Birdy Trailer

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