Charlize Theron is Set to Star in Alfonso Cuarónʼs ‘Jane’, A Film Based on the Life of Author Phillip K. Dick.

Charlize Theron is Set to Star in Alfonso Cuarónʼs 'Jane'

Charlize Theron will star in Alfonso Cuarónʼs film ‘Jane,’ based on the life of author Phillip K. Dick. The film follows the relationship between Dick and his twin sister Jane, who died six weeks after birth. The death affected Dick personally, and also influenced his creative work. Cuarón, Theron and Isa Hackett will produce the film.

Alfonso Cuarónʼs ‘Jane’ Plot Details

The film is directed by Alfonso Cuarón, According to the film’s synopsis Jane is a moving, suspenseful and darkly humorous story about a woman’s unique relationship with her brilliant, but troubled twin, who also happens to be the celebrated novelist Philip K. Dick. While attempting to rescue her brother from predicaments both real and imagined, Jane plunges deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of his creation.

Produced by Electric Shepherd Productions, Denver and Delilah Productions and Esperanto Filmoj.

Speaking to THR, Isa Hackett told “The story of Jane has been with me for as long as I can remember,” she added, “Jane, my father’s twin sister who died a few weeks after birth, was at the center of his universe. Befitting a man of his unique imagination, this film will defy the conventions of a biopic and embrace the alternate reality Philip K. Dick so desperately desired—one in which his beloved sister survived beyond six weeks of age. It is her story we will tell, her lens through which we will see him and his imagination. There is no better way to honor him than to grant him his wish, if only for the screen.”

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Alfonso Cuarónʼs ‘Jane’ Release Date?

Charlize Theron is Set to Star in Alfonso Cuarónʼs 'Jane'

The release date for Alfonso Cuarónʼs ‘Jane’ is not yet announced.

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