Chloe Bennet Left The CW’s ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Live-Action Series

Chloe Bennet

The CW has lost a Powerpuff Girls. Chloe Bennet has left the Powerpuff pilot, which is presently being reworked for a possible series. In the network’s initial attempt at adapting the popular Cartoon Network cartoon series into a live-action sitcom, Bennet portrayed Blossom (middle in the top photo).

Chloe Bennet

Bubbles and Buttercup will be played by Dove Cameron and Yana Perrault, respectively.

According to an insider, Bennet did not sign her offer because of schedule conflicts while arranging new arrangements for Powerpuff to extend the performers’ availability for the upcoming pilot cycle. In the autumn, casting for the third Powerpuff girl will begin.

Chloe Bennet

Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody, the show’s executive producers, are still on board. Powerpuff has been in development since 2020, with a fall 2021 release date being considered. In May, the CW concluded that the project needed to be reworked.

“The reason we do pilots is, sometimes things miss,” The CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz told reporters at the time. “We believe in the cast and in [writers Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier] and [executive producer Greg Berlanti] and studio Warner Bros. In this case, the pilot didn’t work. Because we see enough elements in there, we wanted to give it another shot. It may have felt a little too campy and not rooted in reality. You learn things when you test things out. We felt, ‘Let’s take a step back and go back to the drawing board.’ This is a powerful property, it engaged a lot of interest, and we want to get it right.”


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