Colby Covington Says Dustin Poirier’s win over Conor Was a Fluke

On Saturday night at UFC 264, Dustin Poirier won the trilogy with McGregor by getting his hand raised by first-round TKO (doctor stoppage) when the Irishman shattered his leg near the end of the first round. While the fight had an unusual ending, it appeared as if Poirier had the upper hand up until the stoppage, with two of the three judges giving him a 10-8 scoreline in the first round. While Poirier may have been on his way to a win before the injury, the fact that the fight concluded the way it did leads some, including Covington, to believe that the result was more of a fluke than a true win.

Colby Covington Says Dustin Poirier’s win

“I thought it showed the charitable, nice guy, the true character of Dustin ‘The Dupeus’ Poirier last night. He’s out there strutting in front of Conor’s face. Obviously, it was a fluke, man. Conor broke his leg. It was a fluke decision ending. It wasn’t a knockout, it wasn’t a clear-cut decision, it wasn’t a submission. And the guy’s out there strutting in front of the guy’s face at his downfall when that guy made his career and did everything for Dustin to give him these big fights,”



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