Colby Covington says he’s ready for Kamaru Usman

As dana white mentioned before Usman will be defending his welterweight title against Colby Covington for the second time. The first fight was a close one for both the fighters but in the end, Usman knocked Covington on the fifth round since then contingent has been waiting to get his revenge on kamaru usman.


Covington said in a recent interview schmo “I don’t even know it’s going to be Marty Juiceman [Kamaru Usman]. Maybe he’s going to retire and run off into the sunset because he knows I’m going to take his health. So he’d rather just go retire as the champion, the fake champion because he didn’t win it, there was a lot of controversy in our first fight.”


“If he [Usman] wants to be a coward and run away into the sunset with the little fake paper title he’s got, then cool. Do it. But I’m fighting for the UFC world title next, Dana White clarified it, he doubled down, he said it again the other day. So it doesn’t matter if it’s going to be Marty [Usman] or it’s going to be the next guy in line, but I am fighting for the title soon.”



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