Conor McGregor And Dustin Poirier Has Already Started The War

Conor McGregor And Dustin Poirier

This time, things are not as friendly as they were in the UFC 257 development. The leading part in that battle was similar to their first trip to Poirier in 2014. Before that fight, the young fighters had plenty of heat. A big difference since then is that both inside and outside the octogon Poirier has grown up a lot.

Conor McGregor And Dustin Poirier

While Speaking To ESPN Porier said “It’s good if Conor’s crazy again, I’m only not giving a Word,” Poirier said ESPN. “I don’t care about it, and I would have been all right in the last one, too, if he had been crazy. I’m no longer a child mentally. I am a grown man who knows what matters and I know what I can control. I know what is important. Just like I did with critics, I don’t beat myself mentally. I believe it will be Conor insane again. I am quite sure.” I’m pretty sure.

Although the trash talk is increased, Poirier is still unfazed. The fighting veteran has engaged in some of UFC’s most unforgettable wars and is ready to test his boundaries against McGregor.Poirier said, “I want to have a war of blood and guts. “I want to ask my fighting will. From the first second of the first round, I want to be uncomfortable. All this stuff I want to find out. It’s also about combat: when the bell rings or whenever you show up and train, the only thing is real. This is the only real part I love about fighting.

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