Cruel Intentions Reboot Is In Development At IMDb TV With Phoebe Fisher and Sara Goodman

Cruel Intentions Reboot Is In Development

A reboot of Cruel Intentions in series form is in development with two writers Phoebe Fisher and Sara Goodman for IMDb TV. The cast includes Selma Blair, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. the reboot will be taking back to the 90s it was a hit show.

Cruel Intentions Reboot Is In Development

The plot revolves “Two step-siblings who will do anything to stay on top at an elite college. After a brutal hazing incident, they’ll do whatever’s necessary to preserve their power — even seduce the daughter of the VP of the US.”

Moritz is the only reference to the original film in the IMDb TV adaptation. Cruel Intentions writer-director Roger Kumble and Moritz collaborated on NBC’s sequel. Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, the couple behind the musical spoof of the film that was presented in Los Angeles, were also present. The film’s four primary stars, including Blair, Witherspoon, Phillippe, and Gellar, attended the duo’s mockumentary at L.A.’s Rockwell Table & Stage in 2016. After blessing the musical spoof, Kumble kept in touch with Ross and Rosin.

The NBC drama had been slated for a summer 2017 premiere, with producers Sony Pictures Television and NBC reportedly negotiating a lower licensing fee for stacking rights. According to sources at the time, NBC’s decision to pass was based on the network’s overburdened midseason lineup and a lack of room on its schedule for the show.

Along with Moritz and his Original Film colleague Pavun Shetty, Fisher and Goodman will write the script and executive produce. Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment’s Andrea Iervolino and Monica Bacardi, as well as Bruce Mellon, will executive produce. The studio is once again Sony Pictures Television.


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