Dakota Johnson & Jessie Buckley Spotted For Contenders Event In London For Deadline

Dakota Johnson & Jessie Buckley

Jessie Buckley and Dakota Johnson were photographed by Violeta Sofia at the Deadline Contenders event in London.

Dakota Johnson stars in The Lost Daughter. And Jessie Buckley has welcomed Maggie Gyllenhaal’s next Elena Ferrante adaption, which will be her directorial debut, for its “raw and frightening honesty.”

Dakota Johnson & Jessie Buckley

Check out The First Look Of Dakota Johnson In The Lost Daughter.

Dakota Johnson & Jessie Buckley

Dakota Johnson slated that “Often as a female actor you are trying to be ‘something’, something enticing, attractive or sexy or whatever – it can be boring,”

“But this was really raw, open and messy. It felt so human, like the truth of being a human woman.”

Johnson said it was “ridiculous” that the cast and crew were able to spend the Covid-19 pandemic quarantining in the “dreamy” Greek island of Spetses.

“We’d go swimming every day after work and at night we’d have dinner together and it felt really insular in a good way,

The Lost Daughter is a psychological thriller starring Colman as Leda, a middle-aged divorcee on vacation whose chance encounter with another woman and her daughter causes her vacation to take a dark turn as she is forced to confront her past. Written and directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and based on the novel by Elena Ferrante.

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Dakota Johnson & Jessie Buckley

See Dakota Johnson Wondrous In The New York Film Festival premiere of The Lost Daughter.

The Lost Daughter will hit the theaters on 7 January 2022.


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