Dana White Lashes Out At Paulo costa

During an interview with TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, White responded to Costa’s statements by saying, “You signed a contract, you’re under contract.” “If that’s how you feel, you realize what I mean when I say we fight every weekend. If you want to keep yourself busy, you can fight every weekend. Get out of your contract and do whatever the hell you want.”


White maintained that he would not simply release Costa from his freshly extended contract, though he did not specify how many fights remain on his current contract. If he believes the grass is greener outside of the UFC, he will let him compete in as many fights as he wants in the remaining battles.“You’re in no position to be talking about crazy money after your last performance,” White stated. “You either want to fight, or you don’t want to fight.”


“You should have started a YouTube channel when you were thirteen years old and built your name up and everything else, and you could have had the fight on Saturday night, but you didn’t,”



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