Darren Aronofsky The Director Of ‘Mother’ Starring Jennifer Lawrence Got More Hate Mail For The Film

Darren Aronofsky The Director Of 'Mother'

Mother!” by Darren Aronofsky detonated like a bomb in late summer 2017, enthralling audiences with its wild, free-flowing plot, Biblical allegories, environmental protest, and catastrophic violence. Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem play a wife and husband who are also meant to represent Mother Earth and God (or whatever creation figure you believe in), and their sprawling house transforms into an apocalyptic nightmare-scape meant to represent the destruction of the planet and its resources as it becomes overrun by rowdy houseguests.

Darren Aronofsky The Director Of 'Mother'

According to Variety, “the filmmaker said that a particularly peeved punter somehow got hold of his number and texted him that they were going to be consuming coal and doing as much destruction as possible against the planet to spite him.”

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“But also out of that, the type of excitement and passion you get from other people that really connect with the film reminds you why you’re doing it,” said Aronofsky.

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Despite its cult following, “Mother!” was an only mediocre success, generating just under $45 million worldwide on a $30 million budget – a high figure for an original, adult-skewing picture of its caliber. It made fewer than half of its total revenue in the United States.

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The cast includes Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer as Adam and Eve characters, and Domhnall Gleeson and Brian Gleeson as Cain and Abel figures.

“The Whale,” starring Brendan Fraser as a 600-pound father who laments his life choices and seeks to heal relations with his 17-year-old daughter, is Aronofsky’s next picture. It will be distributed by A24 at a later date and is based on Samuel D. Hunter’s play.

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