DarrenTill Pull out Of Match Against Marvin Vettori

Darren Till pulled out the the match against marvin vettori due to an injury and released a statement saying


“I’ve been sat here for a good few hours debating how to say this & put into words what I’m feeling & im just going to say it straight… I’VE BROKEN MY COLLARBONE!!!
I’m out my fight next week against Marvin.
Every person who is around me or who has been around me knows I train on a daily basis with fucked up knees, lower back, shoulders, hands & the list goes on.
Yesterday while drilling I fell, & straight away I knew I’d broken something.
To say I’m fucking destroyed by it is an understatement.
I’ve literally put my heart, soul, mind, physical body, cash, nutrition, sleep, recovery & then some into making sure I went out there next week & took his head off. And I was 100% sure I was going to… and with ease!!!
I’m sure he was thinking the same but ahh well…
I am sorry @marvinvettori I hope you get a new opponent and we can do this sometime soon in the future, I respect you highly as a competitor”.

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Now the UFC has offered Kevin Holland the fight on short notice and Holland has agreed to it, sources say, though a final decision hasn’t been made as to whether or not they will go in that direction.


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