David Ramsey Will Reprise His Arrowverse Role In CW’s ‘Justice U’

David Ramsey Will Reprise His Arrowverse Role In 'Justice U'

David Ramsey will show up in Arrowverse once again. David Ramsey will reprise his Arrowverse role (Diggle) in new series, ‘Justice U‘ for The CW. The series follows Diggle recruiting 5 young meta-humans to live undercover as freshmen at a university which oversees their education and trains them to become heroes.

David Ramsey Will Reprise His Arrowverse Role In 'Justice U'

‘Justice U’ is currently in development. Michael Narducci (The Vampire Diaries) and Zoanne Clack (Grey’s Anatomy) are secretly writing the script for months and David Ramsey will be directing The CW series. Ramsey has signed an overall deal with Berlanti Productions. also, he will see the actor in charge and guest star in multiple episodes of shows within the Arrowverse.

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The series was executive produced by Greg Berlanti (The mastermind of Arrowverse) with Sarah Schechter (Berlanti Productions) and David Madden. The DC Comics drama hails from Warner Bros. TV, Berlanti Productions remains under a rich overall TV deal. Justice U is DC’s second TV show that Berlanti is developing at The CW for 2022-23.

Will David Ramsey’s Diggle Return?
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CW confirmed that David Ramsey’s Diggle will appear in ‘Justice U’.

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