David Yarovesky’s Nightbooks First Trailer Starring Krysten Ritter Dropped

David Yarovesky’s Nightbooks

A scary story is only as good as its ending.

The first trailer for David Yarovesky’s Nightbooks just unveiled, a kid-friendly gateway horror film from producer Sam Raimi and filmmaker David Yarovesky (Brightburn), will be released on Netflix on September 15, 2021. watch the trailer below

“Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a creative youngster with a great passion for writing horror stories,” according to the film. He says he’ll never write again after being called strange and rejected for what he enjoys. That’s when an evil witch (Krysten Ritter) kidnaps him and imprisons him in her magical New York City apartment, demanding that he tell her a new story every night to stay alive.

“Trapped within with Lenore, the witch’s vengeful cat, following his every move, Alex meets Yasmin (Lidya Jewett), another teenage prisoner who has figured out how to withstand the witch’s wrath. Alex must learn to embrace what makes him special — his affinity for horror stories — and rewrite his own destiny with Yasmin’s aid in order to escape free.”


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