DC Comics Announced ‘Dark Crisis: Young Justice’ Follows The After Events of Death of The Justice League

DC Comics Announced 'Dark Crisis: Young Justice'

DC Comics announced ‘Dark Crisis: Young Justice‘, a tie-in to the upcoming event. The six-issue miniseries from writer Meghan Fitzmartin and artist Laura Braga will focus on the fallout from the death of the Justice League and will feature Wonder Girl searching for her teammates. death of the Justice League

Dark Crisis: Young Justice comes from the creative team of writer Meghan Fitzmartin (Batman: Urban Legends) and artist Laura Braga. They bring together Young Justice, Red Robin, Impulse, Superboy, and Wonder Girl.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE, Fitzmartin told “Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 is a reaction to the Dark Crisis story” he added “So it starts off…we understand where everyone is at because we haven’t seen a lot of these characters in a while. And then full-blown chaos happens.”

Dark Crisis Young Justice #1 Comic Cover Variant 1 PRESS

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“I think the premise of the world is that it’s very familiar to not just our team, but also a lot of readers,” Fitzmartin explained. “The difficulty is it’s not as dreamy as we all would hope and think.”

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Fitzmartin added that her research crafting this dream world included paying attention to the different fan feedback concerning where Young Justice characters are in the DC Universe.

“Most of [the reactions] were positive, but there were some negative ones, and [I was] thinking ‘Oh, well, what is it that incites those negative emotions? Not just for this, I’ve worked on various other projects that have strong fandom reactions. [It’s] sort of existing in that space of ‘Where does that come from? Why are we positive on some stuff, but negative on other stuff? What is the negativity coming from?’ And really exploring that aspect of the three boys in particular, and holding a magnifying glass to it, because that’s what I think the story does so well.”

Dark Crisis Young Justice #1 Comic Interior p1 PRESS
Dark Crisis Young Justice #1 Comic Interior p2 PRESS

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“This is a continuation of his story, and this is a continuation of the journey that this character is on,” Fitzmartin said. “And he’s very important to all of us, and thankfully Dark Crisis came at a time when that was also what we wanted to do with the character.”

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Dark Crisis Young Justice #2 Comic Cover Main PRESS

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 will be available from June 21.

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