‘Dennis the Menace’ A Live-Action Series In Works

‘Dennis the Menace’ A Live-Action Series

A live-action ‘Dennis the Menace’ series is currently in the works. Beano Studios will be developing a YA adaptation of the classic British comic book character of “Dennis the Menace“.

Dennis is considered to be a youngster, around the age of 16, who flits in and out of difficulty with the police in the pilot screenplay, which is significantly darker than the original. According to Deadline, the adaptation has a tone akin to the British show Skins.

‘Dennis the Menace’ A Live-Action Series

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Dennis the Menace is the brainchild of Hank Ketcham. Appearing in more than 1,000 newspapers and hundreds of comic books, the humor is based on the interaction of five-and-a-half-year-old Dennis Mitchell with his parents, neighbors, and various friends. Dennis is a combination of good intentions, misdirected helpfulness, and exuberant energy, which never fails to provide an entertaining mixture of merriment.

Dennis’ world is inhabited by an assortment of personalities to whom we can all relate: From the grumpy, but lovable, neighbor to the prim and proper girl next door; from the harried, but loving mother to the impressionable and adoring little buddy. They all combine to make Dennis’ (and our) day a little more entertaining.  Dennis the Menace continues to occupy a place in the pantheon of national, and international, icons.

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This “Best of” volume collects some of the very best stories from over four decades of Dennis the Menace comics.

The move comes as a surprise. Beano Studios is hoping to cash on on the growing popularity of classic IP among broadcasters and streaming platforms.

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