Derrick Lewis Hoping For a Fight With Jon Jones

Since jon jones is heading to heavyweight derrick lewis is clearley intrested in fighting him Lewis is excited to see how Jones performs at heavyweight but warned the former UFC light heavyweight champ not to bulk up too much ahead of his debut.


Lewis said “i hope he will not come for the take down and i think he will mainly go for some leg shots and “I don’t think he should try to gain any more weight though. I think his walk-around weight is good enough. I believe he walks around at 240, 235, something like that. I don’t think he should keep trying to gain weight or bulk up as much as he thinks he should.”


Previously Jones faced Dominick Reyes on February 8, 2020 in the main event of UFC 247.[160] Jones won the fight via controversial unanimous decision. 14 of 21 media outlets scored the contest for Reyes, while only 7 scored it for Jones. With this win, Jones set the new record for most wins in UFC title fight history with 14 wins.


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