Disney’s Hawkeye: A New Mission For Clint Barton With A Purple Outfit New Clip

Disney's Hawkeye: A New Mission

A new promotional clip for Disney’s Hawkeye series was released by Marvel Studios. The clip features Barton’s new upgraded costume. Hawkeye’s iconic arrow logo is imprinted on his chest, and he wears a mostly black shirt with purple accents over the upper torso and sleeves. Clint is similarly dressed in black with a shooting glove on his left hand and a quiver on his back. The rest of the short clip is a montage of previously published footage of Clint and Kate in action, with the tagline “The past has caught up with him.”


Clint’s latest Hawkeye suit, first shown in April, is quite similar to the one he wore following the ‘Marvel Now’ revamp of the comics’ continuity in 2012, as well as Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye book. The attire consists of a black and purple suit with a more casual short-sleeve shirt that is appropriate for the hero’s more street-level escapades. With Clint’s relationship with Kate, Lucky the Dog, and several sequences taken from the comic book, Fraction’s run is a key inspiration for the Disney+ series.

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Renner’s new suit in Hawkeye is a very close translation of the hero’s comic appearance from page to screen, despite a few minor tweaks. The outfit has undergone minor changes to align with the MCU show’s storyline, such as the replacement of the shorter-sleeved top with a more fitting longer-sleeved top for the season. Hawkeye aims to delight both new and old fans of the Avenger’s archer, with a faithful recreation of the suit used in one of the character’s most famous series.


Jeremy Renner reprises his role as the Hawkeye as he mentors new hero Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The series will air its first two episodes on Disney’s streaming service on November 24.



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