DMZ Starring Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Pratt, and Rutina Wesley First Look Released

DMZ Starring Rosario Dawson

At DC FanDome, EPs Ava DuVernay and Robert Patino gave a first look at their DC apocalyptic series DMZ, The series will star Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Pratt, and Rutina Wesley.

DMZ Starring Rosario Dawson

The four-part limited series, which will premiere on HBO Max, is set in the future when America is in the midst of a civil war.

“It’s a story about fractured people that are coming together. We have a civil war between the Free states of America and the United States of America. It takes place eights years into that DMZ where the rule of law is basically dictated by the most powerful person at any possible time and that can change from block to block,” explains Patino. via Deadline.

DMZ Starring Rosario Dawson

The new HBO Max series will follow Alma, played by Rosario Dawson, as she continues her quest for her son. The official description reads, “As stated in the official synopsis, “Alma must fight with the gangs, militias, demagogues, and warlords that govern this lawless no man’s land in “DMZ,” which will “explore the severe political and cultural split in American society.” As a result, she becomes the improbable source of optimism for everyone there.” In the original comics, the war has wreaked havoc on New York City. The United States maintains control of nearby Long Island and uses it to launch attacks on the DMZ and the Free States of America, a right-wing anti-government group that has amassed widespread support through various means, sparking the civil war that is still ongoing at the start of the graphic novel series.

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DMZ Starring Rosario Dawson

The release date is not yet announced for DMZ.


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