Doctor Octopus Will Be Returning In ‘Spiderman No Way Home’ Confirmed

spiderman no way home

Actor Alfred Molina Has confirmed That he’ll be reprising his role as Doctor Octopus In “Spiderman No Way Home”, Alfred Molina Also indicates That De-Aging Will be used for the character as he doesn’t have the same physicality he had 17 years ago.

Doctor Octopus

As confirmed by Variety, Spiderman No Way Hone Will Pick-Up Doctor Octopus Story from that moment after the character’s death in Spiderman 2. Octavius died in the 2004 sequel of spiderman, Molina spoke to director Jon Watts on how the MCU would bring him back to life. After confirming to Molina that “In this universe, no one really dies,” Watts spoke on how the movie will pick up the villain’s story from the very moment in which he drowned in the river.

Molina is so excited about returning to Spiderman No Way Home Film. After 17 years again he got an opportunity to play the protagonist role of octopus in the movie. but Molina was a little worried because of the seventeen years since the film was released, but Watts was still unnoticed. In Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. had de-aged: Civil War, and in Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson. Molina also spoke about the Irishman and how she de-aging the faces of her character, but the movement seems to be a little complicated to replicate

spiderman in multiverse

Will Spiderman No Way Home Will be a Spiderverse ?

The plot of the movies is not revealed yet. Tobey Maguire’s return in Spider-Man 3 is a rumor going on not yet confirmed

SpiderMan No Way Home is directed by Jon Watts, currently shooting in progress, release date has been announced by the marvel that the movie will in theaters from December 17, 2021


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