Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Rumours Revealed That Charles Xavier To Appear To Manage Scarlett Witch

Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to be one of the most ambitious MCU films ever. The feature film, directed by Sam Raimi and ostensibly influenced by horror, should logically investigate the track of the universe. Even though the narrative has yet to be revealed, there is a slew of rumors swirling about the project. The Scarlet Witch and Loki have already been confirmed to appear in the work. Then Dr. Strange will very certainly have a lot of work to do in order to seal the numerous doorways to other multiverses and therefore safeguard our reality.

Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier

Wanda Maximoff is said to be the mastermind behind the multiverse’s chaos. Since the film’s announcement, we’ve known that Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her role in Doctor Strange 2. With WandaVision, we were left with Wanda, who had finally transformed into the Scarlet Witch and was on her way to find the weeping souls of her children. She does this by using the magic book “Darkhold” (also introduced in the series), which manipulates her into believing that her children are in danger and that she must return to the multiverse to save them.

Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier

As a result, the witch goes on a multidimensional journey in which she can only travel between universes through astral projection. She seeks a meta-human named America Chavez, who has the power to construct multi-dimensional portals, in order to physically contact her children. Wanda exploits the Darkhold’s evil secrets and summons demons, including Shuma-Gorath, to bring him to her (a pretty Lovecraftian squid of his kind, enemy of Strange in the comics).

Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier

This is where the Sorcerer Supreme steps in to free Chavez from the grasp of the demon, who is tearing through New York in search of the young woman. Stephen Strange tries to reason with Wanda and track out the root of the attack, but nothing works. He has no option but to remove Chavez from the Scarlet Witch’s clutches. So begins a chase (which also serves as the title of the film), in which the two will travel between universes and witness many alternate realities to the MCU.

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Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier

Strange and Chavez will meet a version of Mordo (Strange’s fellow wizard, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the first film) who is the Sorcerer Supreme of this version of Earth in one of the many worlds they travel. In this multidimensional police film… supervised by Charles Xavier, he arrests the duo and hands them over to the Illuminati (a congress of various Marvel superhero teams in the books) (the kind of short story that would delight James McAvoy, which would be hot to replay Professor X ).

The Scarlet Witch takes control of the spirit of the Wanda of the universe where her target is barred in order to follow the duo and steal Chavez from the Illuminati’s grasp. The Witch captures Chavez and murders a few Illuminati before teleporting to her children. As she gets closer to her objective, Charles Xavier, who is telepathic, enters her head and tries to remove the Darkhold’s taint. The Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, is disappointed when she comes in front of her children, who are afraid of their “mother’s” wrath. They want her to go so that their actual mother’s spirit can be freed.

Wanda severs all links with her host after understanding that her children have never been in danger and that she has turned them against her in her rage. In her anguish, she repeats a fate identical to the one that started the whole WandaVision series (the Hex, Westview’s degenerative illusion), but this time over the entire multiverse, skinning it more than it did. Strange and Chavez return to their normal lives uninjured, but the Sorcerer Supreme may have his work cut out for him in the future.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will hit the theaters on 25 March 2022.


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