Doctor Who: First Trailer Dropped With Release Date

Doctor Who: First Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Series 13 of Doctor Who has been released. The trailer debuted at the Doctor Who Comic-Con@Home panel, which included showrunner Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and new cast members John Bishop and Jacob Anderson. watch the trailer below

The teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it does show the two newest cast members in action, as well as a frightened Doctor hastily hurrying everyone back into the TARDIS.

A basic rule of Doctor Who is that the Doctor does not use firearms. She may be the only lead character in space/science fiction series who does not. When the Doctor has used a gun in the past, it has always meant something has gone horribly wrong. She has, however, used a catapult in the past (or a slingshot, Americans). That appears to be what she is using in the Season 13 teaser, which was just presented at San Diego Comic-Con@Home. It might also reveal who she’s using it against. Although it is now ostensibly a child’s toy, it was once a weapon of war and, due to its huge size, a weapon of mass devastation. It was most famously utilized by Ace when she traveled with the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who. Most notably, in Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis, she used it to kill Cybermen by catapulting golden coins into their chests, gold being an early Cyberman vulnerability.

Doctor Who: First Trailer

The series premieres later this year.


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