Does Maria Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel More Powerfull Than Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens now in theaters. Lashana Lynch, who plays the role of Maria Rambeau (Captain Marvel) is a variant version of (Brie Larson) Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange 2. When coming to screen Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel powers are far better than Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel.

Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel has the power to transform into different types of energy from all over the electromagnetic spectrum. She can store a vast amount of gamma rays in her body. This ability is far beyond what the Danvers’ Captain Marvel can do. While she can absorb energy, she can’t become it. For instance, In Marvel Comics, Monica once turned into a lightning bolt to stop the sea creature Leviathan. When fighting Wanda she uses her maximum powers to defeat her, but Wanda is very powerful than her. Danvers’ Captain Marvel has the ability to gain strength by absorbing sunlight.

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In What If…? Episode 8, Ultron uses all five infinity stones and destroys an entire solar system to kill captain marvel while she dragged him to the core of the planet so ain’t no way. But in Multiverse of Madness, Maria Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel died from a falling statue.


Can Monica Survive In Space?

Monica’s Captain Marvel can survive the vacuum of space. If Monica wants to travel in space, she wants to take one of her energy forms. The downside is encountering an unknown energy source along the way. Should this happen, Monica might need to become solid once again to analyze the power and utilize it. Carol doesn’t need to do this. Similar to the original Mar-Vell, she is able to fly unaided in space. Carol has also been shown battling alien individuals and ships without the need for oxygen or another support service.

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Carol is like DC’s Man of Steel, she has one of the similarities she has with Big Blue is immunity to most poisons and toxins. It comes down to the way her powers regularly regenerate. Though a toxin may be powerful enough to knock her out for a bit, it’s only for a few seconds before she’s ready for a knock-down fight.

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