Don’t Worry Darling Costume Designer Arianne Phillips to be Honored at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

Don’t Worry Darling New Trailer

Don’t Worry Darling’ costume designer Arianne Phillips to be honored at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. Arianne will be awarded the festival’s Campari Passion for Film Award for her work on the film. The 79th Venice Film Festival will be held from August 31 – September 10.

Don’t Worry Darling Costume Designer Arianne Phillips

Olivia Wilde directing Don’t Worry Darling. The film stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. The screenplay was written by Katie Silberman and is based on a story by Carey van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke, and Silberman.

Don’t Worry Darling plot synopsis follows, “Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack Chambers (Harry Styles) are a young, happy couple living in the seemingly perfect company town of Victory, California, during the 1950s; which is created and paid for by the mysterious company Jack is working for. Curiosity about the nature of her husband’s work on the secret “Victory Project” begins to consume Alice which leads to cracks in their utopian life as Alice raises tensions within the community during her investigation of the project.”

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Speaking to Variety, Olivia Wilde told “It definitely affects that exact ingredient in the process, that camaraderie. It definitely makes it more difficult,” she added “You have to really focus on everybody’s eyes. Everyone is communicating so differently, and there’s a lot of gesticulating.”

“Someone, who’s a very established actor and director in this industry, gave me really terrible advice that was helpful, because I just knew I had to do the opposite,” the House alum said during the Variety interview. “They said, ‘Listen, the way to get respect on a set, you have to have three arguments a day. Three big arguments that reinstate your power, remind everyone who’s in charge, be the predator.’ That is the opposite of my process. And I want none of that. … The no a–holes policy, it puts everybody on the same level.”

Don’t Worry Darling will hit theaters on September 23, 2022.

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